Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Season of Nesting!

Dawn had a week long burst of energy apparently called "nesting" where the "to-do lists" were unending. We were busy getting the apartment ready for the baby. We went through every cupboard, nook, and cranny carefully placing everything to ensure we were organized and ready for Baby Beck. It's amazing how quickly the energy came and went but we ended up getting a lot done.
Dawn also took some of the wrapping paper from recent showers and lined the changing table drawers to help remember all the thoughtful gifts from dear friends and family.

Dawn received the glider to help with feedings and rocking the baby during her last shower. Justin put everything together and it is the most comfortable seat in the apartment! We can't wait to use it.

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Another Baby Shower

Dawn's friend, Devika from work threw her a baby shower over Labor Day weekend with some old and new work friends. The decorations were beautiful and the games were creative. We received many more gifts from our generous friends and continue to feel blessed by all the love and support as we prepare for Baby Beck's arrival. We are still waiting for more pictures from the shower and will post more when we have them. Here are just a few from the party.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week 35!

It is hard to believe that we are only 5 weeks away (or less if Baby Beck surprises us!). Week 35 includes more swelling, back aches, fatigue, and difficulty getting out of chairs. It also involves hard kicks and lots of baby movement! We are finalizing the details for Baby Beck's arrival including picking out desired names. Our birthing classes are over and we have finalized our birth plan/wishes to share with the hospital staff. Dawn is starting to begin the mourning process of not having Baby Beck inside of her while also anxiously anticipating holding Baby Beck on the outside. We had a great prayer session with our friends over the weekend and feel peace knowing that God has continued to be faithful throughout this process.
We understand that a lot of change lies ahead but we feel as prepared as we are going to be for the changes. Each day we change our thoughts about whether Baby Beck is a boy or girl, which our friends start predicting their thoughts. This will be the best surprise we have ever experienced! In the meantime, we pray for cooler temperatures and that our minds will be more calm as we take things one day at a time.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Last Ultrasound

On Thursday, we had our last ultrasound. We were a little anxious going into the appointment not having seen the baby since late May. During the ultrasound the technician was checking for multiple things. First, she was checking to see if the placenta had shifted above the baby. Also, the technician was making sure the embryonic fluid was sufficient surrounding the baby. We were excited to see that the placenta had shifted and that embryonic fluid was more than enough surrounding the baby. The technician then measured the babies head and femur bone. These two measurements showed that the baby currently weighs 5 pounds 12 ounces and is 19 inches long. 19 inches is the average size of a newborn baby so we are expecting a tall baby. Dawn has been feeling those long legs kick her often. The final thing the technician was looking for was to see if the baby's head had shifted toward the pelvic region in order to prepare for birth. We are excited to report that the baby's head is in position for birth. During the ultrasound the technician took multiple pictures and we wanted to share a few of those with you.

This picture was taken in 3D and shows the babies facial features. Looks like the baby got the Braat's nose and it seems that things are getting a little tight inside the stomach. It was hard to get a clear picture because the baby kept moving and putting his/her hands by the mouth

This is a side profile of the baby's face. We like seeing the baby's chubby cheeks. At this point, there is little room for Baby Beck to move, which is why Dawn oftentimes feels the baby's feet in her ribs and poking out of her stomach!

We looked back to the first few ultrasound pictures we received and couldn't believe how much Baby Beck had grown. We thought we would also share this with you.

This first ultrasound picture was taken on Valentines Day and shows Baby Beck as a little lima bean.

This second picture was taken in late March and shows Baby Beck swimming around with his/her little arms and legs. Baby Beck has lots of room to move around.

This ultrasound was taken the end of May and shows Baby Beck had grown quite a bit over the past 2 months. Things were getting tighter but Baby Beck was still swimming around quite a bit.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Baby Shower

Two of Dawn's dear friends, Michaela & Andrea threw a baby shower to help us prepare and get things ready for Baby Beck's arrival while Justin's friend, Nick organized a "Man Shower" to help cover the cost of some diapers. It was a great day celebrating the upcoming arrival of Baby Beck and we feel truly blessed by all who joined us. We have a very generous community of friends. Thanks to all who were involved!

One of the many surprises during the shower involved everyone bringing their favorite children's book. We have been looking for books recently so this was a wonderful surprise. We have been reading books to Baby Beck and hope he/she continues to enjoy them after the birth. We have heard that baby's can remember certain phrases/rhymes they heard when they were in the womb. We will enjoy experimenting!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Grandma Gertie

We received a phone call on Wednesday that Grandma Gertie died. She has been ill for quite awhile and although she was on hospice, we were surprised by how quickly things changed. Justin was able to travel home to be with family for the services. We find that when difficult things happen, our first thought is "how quickly can we get back to be with our family."

As we reflect on our many memories with Grandma Gertie we can only smile. She had a lot of spunk and personality and we always knew she was boss! She was also very loving and generous. We were able to spend some time with her during our recent trip to Michigan in July and are grateful for that opportunity to say goodbye. She will be missed greatly. Holidays and family gatherings won't be the same without her and yet we find peace in the fact that she is no longer suffering.

Friday, August 5, 2011

5 Year Anniversary

On August 5th we celebrated our 5 year anniversary by going out to dinner at the Boiling Crab and out for dessert at a local pub nearby. It was a messy meal but thankfully they provided us with bibs to protect our clothes. We ordered some of our favorite fish in different spices and they deliver the food to us in bags. Without utensils we dug in and enjoyed each bite. It was fantastic! I guess after 5 years we can be ourselves and don't need anything too fancy!

Over dessert we shared about the past 5 years and all the adventures we have faced. Many ups and downs throughout the years and yet we have so much to be thankful for. We feel truly blessed and look forward to the upcoming year with Baby Beck coming knowing that our marriage will continue to grow and change.